Kate + Marc [Mornington Peninsula Wedding, Melbourne Wedding Photographer]

Even a ridiculous amount of rain wasn’t going to ruin this day! It was raining while Kate and the girls got ready. It was raining as she walked down the aisle. And it was REALLY raining while we tried to take a few bridal party shots in the beautiful Pt Nepean National Park.
But Kate + Marc were awesome through it all – and NOTHING was wiping the smiles off their faces :)
Still,  we were all a little bit excited that by the time we arrived at their reception the rain had stopped and we were able to get a few shots in Sorrento – hurrah!
sorrento-wedding milk-photography mornington-peninsula-wedding-photographer sorrento-photographer mornington-peninsula-wedding-photographer sorrento-photographer milk-photography melbourne-wedding-photography milk-photography sorrento-wedding father-of-the-bride milk-photography sorrento-weddinggroom-getting-ready

sorrento-groomsmen the-style-co sorrento-wedding lawn-games the-style-co wedding-sign the-style-co styled-ceremony the-style-co milk-photography bentley-wedding-car sorrento-wedding-car pt-nepean-wedding sorrento-wedding the-style-co pt-nepean-wedding wedding-anticipation sorrento-baths milk-photography emma-tomlinson mother-of-the-bride pt-nepean-wedding emma-tomlinson-celebrant mornington-peninsula-celebrant sorrento-celebrant sorrento-baths emma-tomlinson-celebrant mornington-peninsula-celebrant sorrento-celebrant pt-nepean-celebrant emma-tomlinson-celebrant mornington-peninsula-celebrant the-style-co pt-nepean-wedding emma-tomlison milk-photography emma-tomlinson pt-nepean-celebrant the-style-co milk-photography exchanging-rings wedding-ceremony milk-photography emma-tomlinson-celebrant mornington-peninsula-celebrant sorrento-celebrant pt-nepean-wedding the-style-co milk-photography first-kiss milk-photography emma-tomlinson bridesmaids pt-nepean-wedding cool-wedding-car sorrento-wedding-car bentley pt-nepean-wedding milk-photography the-style-co the-baths-sorrento milk-photography the-style-co the-baths-sorrento milk-photography 1 the-style-co the-baths-sorrento milk-photography wedding-cake wishing-well sorrento-wedding sorrento-wedding-photographer the-baths-sorrento milk-photography sorrento-wedding-photographer the-baths-sorrento sorrento-wedding-photographer sorrento-pier the-baths-sorrento sorrento-wedding-photographer sorrento-wedding-photographer mornington-peninsula-wedding-photographer sorrento-pier the-baths-sorrento sorrento-wedding-photographer 2 sorrento-wedding sorrento-pier sorrento-love mornington-peninsula-wedding tea-light-candles-wedding

Celebrant: Emma Tomlinson

Ceremony: Pt Nepean National Park

Reception Venue: The Baths, Sorrento

Styling: The Style Co


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